New Granary for Central Fife

Feb 20, 2013

Balbirnie Home Farms in Fife is to have a state-of-the-art granary in time for harvest 2013. The new grain handling facility, including a biomass powered burner, a new grain dryer and a multipurpose shed is to be built following a successful application for planning permission from Fife Council Replacing an aging drier, granary and small cattle shed, the new facility will result in improved efficiency, a reduction of 40 tonnes of carbon per year and an increase in grain storage capacity.



Demolition of the old plant and machinery began at the end of 2012 and preparation has now been completed.  Over the coming months, a biomass powered burner from Graso in Poland will be connected to a dryer from Perry of Oakley and a shed from Robinsons.  Fuel for drying the wheat, barley and oats will be wood chips from the sustainably managed woodlands around Balbirnie. 

This project in the Fife countryside is part of an overall strategy to place Balbirnie Home Farms at the forefront of local agricultural production.  This includes recent investment in more efficient tractors and a new sowing system designed to reduce soil compaction. The new granary and agricultural machinery form a key part in the aim to reduce dependence on oil across the farm as well as reducing the carbon footprint.