Jul 13, 2012

Balbirnie Home Farms believes that summer has started as we've been to the Royal Highland Show, everybody has been on holiday and there's a new combine arriving in the next few days.  Where did the sunshine go?

Summer is upon us, apparently.  Weather gods please send some sunshine so that the crops ripen, everybody can get their smiles back and the kids don't go back to school looking as pasty as they were when they broke up.

Summer has been a time for everyone to take a break at some point before the harvest starts but that doesn't mean everything has ground to a halt.  There are still 250 cows to feed, fences and drains to mend, machinery maintenance to do and next year's budget to prepare.  All this and because of the weather, we've had to build an ark to save the livestock from the rising floodwaters!

A few months ago, we made the decision to purchase a brand new combine, a New Holland CR9090 in order to get the harvest into the sheds a little bit more quickly.  The shiny lump of yellow metal should be in the farmyard any day now from Fife Tractors in Cupar.

In other news, the pheasants are coming along nicely and are learning to fly now although they're going to be inside for a few more weeks to protect them from all of the predators (foxes, raptors) before being released into pens.