We have a long history of excellent sport at Balbirnie.  Old game books show that at the beginning of the twentieth century there was a huge variety of game shot on the estate: pheasants, partridges, grouse and many others.  A hundred years later, with careful management of habitats, we continue to see the same variety in our game book. 

Shooting at Balbirnie can be tailored to your personal requirements.  We can offer a full driven pheasant or duck day or a rough day when you might take up our sporting challenges trying for 3, 5 or even 7 species in a day.

In addition to the birds, we can organise lunch for your party; either soup and pies in the gamekeeper’s cabin or a sit down meal in a local hotel (Lomond Hills Hotel, Freuchie).  If you are coming from afar, we can organise airport pick-ups, hotel accommodation and anything else you might need to make your time in Fife memorable.  

For those of you coming from overseas, we can assist in getting the relevant license to shoot in this country.  Please contact us to plan a great day out.

Balbirnie Home Farms location map

Stayed dry, good lunch, fine shooting - what else could you ask for?