Rough Shooting

Come to Balbirnie for rough shooting during the season.

We can offer an excellent day out for 2 to 5 guns at competitive rates (£POA).

We have a great variety of birds around the estate and depending on the following seasons we can organise whatever you want:

Red Grouse – 12 August to 10 December
Snipe – 1 October to 31 January
Partridges – 1 September to 31 January
Mallard, Widgeon, Teal and Goose – 1 September to 31 January
Pheasant – 1 October to 1 February
Woodcock – First full moon in November to 31 Janaury
Pigeon – Mid August to February
Rough shooting at Balbirnie Home Farms Balbirnie Home Farms location map

Shot very well over the 2 days.  Great effort all round, another great trip